Arch Noa lliw pren naturiol gyda 18 cymeriad lliwgar gan gynnwys Noa a'i wraig.  Anrheg perffaith i ystafell chwarae unrhyw blentyn ac yn rywbeth i'w drysori am flynyddoedd. 


Mae'r cynnyrch masnach deg hwn wedi ei greu yn Sri Lanka gan weithwyr crefftus ac wedi ei greu allan o goed rwber a phaint di-doxic.  Dyler disgwyl rhai marciau amherffaith ar y cynnyrch, mae hyn yn rhan o'r pren naturiol sy'n cael ei ddefnyddio.   


This beautiful natural colour wood Noah's ark  comes with 18 colourful characters including Noah and his wife.  The perfect addition to any childs toy room and somethng to treasure for years to come.  


This fair trade product has been made by skilled workers in Sri Lanka using sustainably sourced rubber wood and non toxic paint.  Blemishes should be expected due to the natural wood that is used to make the product.  

This junior Noah's ark with 18 colourful characters:

  • is provided with removable roof panels, boat house, deck, ramp and ladder
  • includes 2 pairs of gorillas, doves, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, zebras, elephants and Mr and Mrs Noah
  • is a chunky size - the characters are 20mm thick
  • is made from eco friendly materials
  • is supplied in an informative box (an easy shape to wrap if a gift!)
  • is not compatible with our range of natural painted animals, these animals are much smaller than our individual ones

Arch Noa naturiol gyda anifeiliaid lliw/Natural Noah's ark with coloured animals



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